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Shadow House ( The Missing)
by Dan Poblocki

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Five children have been lured into Shadow House, all for different reasons. None of them knows the others. And none of them knows what to do when they can't find a way out. But something different inside the house. It alive. Someone-or something-there knows a little bit more than they should. Only how are the kids supposed to decide if that someone is trying to help them...or trap them in the doll house forever?

What happened to goodbye
by Sarah dessen

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An amazing book that keeps you captivated. Written really well and a really good book to lose yourself in

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Meltdown
by Jeff Kinney Books

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this book was about how Grey Heffley's school closes and his whole neighborhood has a altimate snowball fight

Percy Jackson Titans Curse
by Rick Riordan

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The beginning was bad to me, like when the monster was found, instead of fighting when got the chance they let him go and looks what happens after, kidnaps Annabeth. But the end of the book where the action happens is amazing, like when Percy beat the lion which Hercules beat and getting unbreakable lions coat. And also where Artemis and Annabeth comes together and put Atlas back in his place, so cool.

The Library Of Ever
by Zeno Alexander

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I loved this book because it Takes you on a tour of international history. Also Zeno is so great at making it interesting and putting in so much action.

The Blood Of Olympus
by Rick Riordan

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This book is the best, especially the last battle, God's came down and joined with the awesome seven. Jason is the best, not as good as Percy though but he came back to life even after getting impaled by Imperial Gold.

by Paragon

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This book was about many types of dinosaurs. My favorite dinosaur is the T-rex.

The Skeletons Strike Back
by Winter Morgan Minecraft Books

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The book was full of action, had lots of funny moments and had a very nice ending.

by Crystal Smith

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Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!!!

Alone In The Night
by Holly Webb

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Jasmine is thrilled when her neighbors ask her to cat-sit while they are away for Christmas. Now she'll be able to spend her whole vacation with their beautiful cat, Star.

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